Powell River Wellness Project


Over 1300 residents have completed the Challenge

As of November 15, 1300 residents have completed the PR Wellness Challenge. Congratulations!   Step 1 is complete.  Follow us on Facebook.

Step 2 – Make 1 positive lifestyle change to improve your wellness.  Resources to support you include:
So you’ve taken the challenge – now what?
5 ways to improve your health without a prescription
PR Wellness – List of organizations to support health journey

Step 3 – (Repeat or Take the Challenge for the 1st time in Spring 2017)

What is the PR Wellness Challenge?

It’s simple. Citizens will be measured by PR Wellness Challenge Facilitators in Spring and Fall on the following 4 parameters:

Blood pressure       Heart rate         Flexibility         Balance

Join the one of more than 1300 residents who have already been measured.

Step 1 – Get measured at select locations

Thanks to the following locations who administered the PR Wellness Challenge in Spring and Fall 2016.

Mondays:  CRC 10am to 11am, Nourish 12pm to 1pm, Coast Fitness 5pm to 6pm
Wednesdays: Safeway Pharmacy 10am to 11am, Rec Complex 5pm to 5:30pm
(Thursdays – Lasqueti Nurse’s Station)
Fridays:  Marine Chiropractic & Wellness 12pm to 1pm

Step 2 – Take 1 or more positive steps to improve your health.

Step 3 – Repeat 

Learn more.  Contact prdistrictwellness@gmail.com or 604-485-4344 for more details.

What is the PR Wellness Speaker Forum?

In April 2016, the PR Wellness Challenge was launched in conjunction with the PR Wellness Speaker Forum (formerly Rx Wellness).  Thank you to all attendees and Sponsors who made this event a huge success. It was truly an evening of inspiration and education.  Speaking about physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness were:  World Champion Paralympic Cyclist Tristen Chernove, 1st woman to row across the Atlantic (in a hurricane) Julie Angus, Community Volunteer and PR Wellness founder Ron Woznow, and Advanced Jivamukti Instructor Tina Pashumati James.  Brendan Behan spoke about Change Management.  Change speakers Craig Long and Georgia McLennan shared their stories.  Learn more.

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Some background.  What is PR Wellness?

Start where you are

A project of the Verna J. Kirkness Science and Engineering Education Program, The PR Wellness Project is a collaboration of community and professional organizations, government agencies and individuals to help residents improve their state of wellness. Partners include fitness and sport organizations and private businesses who provide opportunities for individuals and families to be more active.

PR Wellness Challenge


For the first time in history, children born today are expected to have a shorter life span than their parents.

In 2009 Dr. Ron Woznow, who is now a Powell River resident, started the Guelph Wellness Project in conjunction with AFMNet (Advanced Foods and Materials Network). It demonstrated that with a little encouragement individuals will make lifestyle changes that improve their state of wellness.

In 2015 Ron got the endorsement of The City of Powell River, the Powell River Regional District and the Powell River Division of Family Practice; and the PR Wellness Challenge was born. The goal of the PR Wellness Challenge is to demonstrate that the wellness of a community can be improved through a combination of citizen engagement, education and program accessibility. It will link participants to the wellness programs offered in the Powell River region that runs from Saltery Bay to Lund and includes Texada and Lasqueti Islands. The Challenge will be deemed to be a success if a minimum of 500 residents are participating in the PR Wellness Challenge by 2017.

The organizing committee led by Terri Cramb (chair) and Kerri Carlson (coordinator) are building partnerships with public and private sector organizations, foundations and philanthropists.


It’s simple. Citizens will be measured by PR Wellness Challenge Facilitators in Spring and Fall 2016 on the following 4 parameters:

Blood pressure       Heart rate         Flexibility         Balance

The confidential results of the PR Wellness Challenge will be provided to participants and stored in a database.

Participants will be encouraged to seek information from physicians and health professionals on how small lifestyle changes can improve their wellness through physical and mental activity and improved nutrition. In addition, they will be encouraged to check out a complete list of wellness promoting organizations at ‘For Everything That’s Community Health’ which can be found at Fetch BC/Powell River

TIMELINE – here is what’s unfolded since Spring 2016.

April 21, 2016 – PR Wellness Challenge

The PR Wellness Challenge will be launched at the PR Wellness Speaker Forum in April 2016. 4 speakers will engage the audience in a Ted-style format speaking about Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social Wellness. Participants in the Forum will be able to sign up for the Challenge and be tested for blood pressure, heart rate, flexibility and balance.

April to May 31, 2016 – PR Wellness Challenge

All residents of Powell River and the PR District will have the opportunity to sign up and have their initial wellness testing done at the CRC, PR Rec Complex, T-Fit, Coast Fitness, Safeway, Marine Chiropractic & Wellness and other locations that will be identified at a later time.

April to September, 2016 – Taking Action to Improve Your Health | Start Where You Are

Participants will be encouraged to keep track of their lifestyle changes. New participants to the Challenge will be tested.

September 24, 2016 – Wellness Fair: Just for the Health of It
Just for the Health of It will mark the launch of the PR Wellness Challenge.  Residents are encouraged to repeat the Challenge or take the PR Wellness Challenge for the first time.

September 24 to October 31 – PR Wellness Health Challenge (Repeat)

Participants who were previously tested will be remeasured within approximately 6-months, or within what is a reasonable time-frame (between 5 and 7 months post 1st test). Other participants in the PR Wellness Challenge will be approximately 5 to 7-months after their first test, or within a reasonable timeframe!


The PR Wellness Project Committee is seeking partners for The PR Wellness Challenge and Speakers Forum. Contact Kerri Carlson at 604-485-4344 or prdistrictwellness@gmail.com for partnership opportunities.  Click here for a list of our current partners.