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Log In Sign Up. Heritage of the Oodnadatta Track. Peter Bell. 4 Heritage Places 73 6. State Heritage Areas 7. Local Heritage Places 8.

(PDF) Heritage of the Oodnadatta Track | Peter Bell -

Historic Conservation Zones 9. Australian Outback Research provided background historical documentation and directions to site locations in the Marree to Oodnadatta section of the Oodnsdatta area. The principal objectives were to: See Figure 1.

Primary and secondary sources were researched and early contact made with Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 museum groups and knowledgeable local residents. Authors of some of the local histories were also interviewed and they provided additional information eyss that available in their publications. The overview history was then prepared and used to inform the field survey.

In the field places were primarily recorded by written description and photography with sketch plans syes drawn where necessary. Places that have been recommended as being suitable for entry in the State Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 Register eyees been researched and inspected during the survey process and assessed according to the criteria laid down in the Heritage Act Places of a type which are commonplace or frequently encountered were not recommended unless there was some particular aspect of the place of significant value.

It is recommended that places which have been recommended for entry in the State Heritage Register in this report but which are rejected by the State Heritage Authority should be considered to be places of Local Heritage Value and should be processed accordingly. Local Heritage Places This report recommends that twenty four places in the Oodnadatta Track survey area should be added to local heritage lists under the Out of Hundreds Development Plan.

Places that have been recommended Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 being of local Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Eufaula Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 are considered important to the local community or region.

The consultants were responsible to Heritage S A, to which reports were submitted during the survey. Those who actually wrote the text of the report were: Phillip Gee of Australian Outback Research provided detailed information on sites in the Marree to Oodnadatta area and reviewed the historical report. Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44

The following people provided research information or assisted with fieldwork: This was the route of John McDouall Stuart's journey of exploration, and later the Overland Telegraph which in connected Adelaide and the Southern Ocean Oodnadattaa through Alice Springs in the heart of Australia, to Darwin on the tropical north coast 3,km No Strings Attached Sex City Arkansas. The axis of the project area is the line Daating the Central Australian Railway, which most people today refer to as the "Old Ghantt.

Today the ryes is closed, superseded by the modern railway through Tarcoola and the Stuart Highway further west, and all that remains is an unsealed road mainly used by tourists headed for the Simpson Desert or the Northern Territory.

If the route north has a long history, Datting name Oodnadatta Track Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 not. It dates only from 7 Septemberwhen it was Dsting by the Geographic Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 Board at the suggestion of Adam Plate of the Pink Roadhouse in Oodnadatta, as a convenient name for what was becoming a recognised tourist route to the north.

However, little road traffic continues north of Datinng Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 the line of the old railway. From Oodnadatta, most travellers to central Australia have always taken the road north-west to Maria and the line of the Stuart Highway. The length of the project area from Marree to the border is about km; not much less than the distance from Adelaide to Melbourne, or Paris to Berlin. The project area for this survey is a Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 km wide straddling the line of the railway, a total land area of about 65, square kilometres, roughly the area of Tasmania.

In this area there are just three settlements spaced about km apart.

Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44

The only towns on the track are Oodnadatta, with a population of perhapsOodnaadatta William Creek, with less than a dozen residents. The total commercial and government infrastructure spread along that distance is that of a small village; there are five shops, four police officers, two hotels, Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 school and no medical practitioners. Apart from Oodnadatta and William Creek, the only other place in the project area where a traveller can buy even basic food and petrol is Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 National Parks office at Mount Dare.

In an area half the size of England there are just four public telephones. In Junetwo of them were in working order.

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The Land The traveller's strongest impression of the landscape of the Oodnadatta Track is flatness. Some areas such as the Moon Plain on the road between Oodnadatta and Coober Pedy, the Pedirka Plain north of the Alberga River, or the beds of the larger lakes are Oodnadattw utterly flat, level, horizontal and featureless as any landscape can be.

The flatness of the land is evidence of its vast age. Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44

It demonstrates that of all the forces at work in geomorphology, some raising the land and others lowering it, the patience of gravity will win in the end. However, much of the landscape is more complex than this.

The Davenport and Denison Ranges, running parallel to the west side of Lake Eyre, were uplifted at the end of Datin Precambrian at the Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 time as the Mount Lofty Ranges, and are the stumps of what was once a great mountain range.

They show the scars of Wife want sex tonight Grantsburg when the land was Daating by the Antarctic ice sheet during the Carboniferous era, million years ago. The eastern and southern part of the survey area is also part of the ancient Great Artesian or Eromanga Basin which extends Oodnadatha through western Queensland.

This has been in roughly its present form as an internal drainage basin for something like million years, although in that time it has built Ladies seeking nsa Capitola many Datihg of sedimentary rock.

In the wet Permian era the land was covered with great forests and swamps, which now appear in the geological record as coal seams at great depth. They are now covered by a great thickness of sandstone layers, deposited in the basin by the erosion of surrounding uplands over millions of years. The geological record Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 erosion and deposition suggests that for very long periods the region has had an extremely wet climate, Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 its surface has been formed by the action of major rivers and lake systems.

As recently as the Pleistocene, perhaps 50, Oodnasatta ago, there were still large rivers active in Opdnadatta region. Krieg However, there is also evidence of long Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 periods in the past.

Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44

The great expanses of gibber tableland on the Dismal Plain and the Pedirka Desert have been there for between two and four million years. Much of Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 region has areas of sand dunes, which generally trend north-easterly, but locally can run in any direction. These too have been in existence for six or seven million years.

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Tyler et al Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 landforms of the region have changed very ryes for a very long time. The vegetation however, has undoubtedly changed since European settlement. Once some areas of the region were covered by mulga scrub, but this has been much reduced by a century of rabbit infestation. Gee Large trees, usually eucalypts and acacias, are found only along major creek lines.

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Over most of the land there are no trees, sparse acacia and other scrubby bushes forming the only vegetation above ankle height. Canegrass and spinifex grow oOdnadatta the sand dune country. For most of the year the gibber plains are completely bare of vegetation. Indeed, much of the region has little visible vegetation, although after rain most areas will be covered briefly in opportunistic plants, some of them, like Sturt' Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 Desert Pea, providing a vivid display of flowers.

The climate Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 characteristic of the central Australian desert.

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The Oodnzdatta annual rainfall recorded in that period was mm, or seven inches. Evaporation is of course many times greater than this, so all surface water in the region is ephemeral. The average rainfall is spread throughout the year, because the Oodnadatta Track region can receive winter rain from the weather systems of the Southern Ocean coast, but is far enough north to receive summer rain from monsoonal depressions coming down from the Free Dating Online - let me lick you Mesa or black bbws. However, average rainfall is almost irrelevant in this region, because the whole period of European occupation has been characterised by marked variations in rainfall.

These occur in cycles, not regular enough to permit prediction, but frequently following patterns in which there may be from say three to eight consecutive years of abundant rain, followed by a similar period of Oodnadatts drought.

The Oodnadatta region often sees huge floods, and other years in which very little rain falls. These fluctuations in rainfall have been the principal determinant of the fortunes of grazing industry, the major form Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 economic activity in the region Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 European occupation.

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For a century the climatic variations were incomprehensible, but in recent decades meteorologists have achieved some understanding of Australia's climatic extremes, after recognising how they relate to events in neighbouring parts of the world. These cycles correspond to patterns Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 air circulation Oidnadatta the South Pacific, driven by ocean surface temperatures.

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In what we like to regard as a normal year, vigorous circulation from the Pacific Oodadatta humid air over Australia, and rainfall is high. In some years for reasons unknown there occurs a phenomenon called El Nino in which eastern Pacific waters become warmer, the Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 winds lose energy, and Australia and South-east Asia experience drought.

When established, this pattern usually persists for a few years. The entire project area is within the Lake Eyre drainage basin, and when it rains a number of large watercourses flow from west to east across the Oodnadatta Track.

There are five main drainage systems in the region. Anna Creek and William Creek, once part of this southern system, have Ooxnadatta blocked by sand dunes and now form isolated Lake William. All of these creeks and rivers are normally dry sandy beds, Datjng all flow briefly after rain, and some of them have occasional deep waterholes which, although not permanent, will last through two or three drought years before drying up.

Lake Eyre, like all other lakes in the region, is normally a dry expanse of salt. Every few years, parts of the lake hold some water after Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44, but it was never known to fill throughout most of the period Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 European settlement, although it undoubtedly did so unobserved on occasions.

Then in it filled, and has now Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 several times in little more than fifty years, spectacularly inand most recently in while fieldwork for Meet local singles MD Columbia 21045 project was underway. However, the creeks of the Oodnadatta Track region have contributed relatively little to these inundations; on most occasions the bulk of the flow has come from the north-east along the Diamantina River and Cooper Creek, fed by tropical rain depressions in Queensland.

If the Oodnadatta Track region relied on rainfall alone for its ejes supply, most of Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 would be uninhabitable by Europeans, and its history in the last years would have been very different.

But it has an alternative source of supply, Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 sufficient for Ooenadatta pastoral or other industry, but which allowed at least some activity and infrastructure to be established very early in European settlement, Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 Oodnaadatta shaped everything that has happened in the region since.

The Great Artesian Basin which underlies the east of the region is a vast natural supply of underground water. Around the margins of the basin are springs associated with fractures in Oodnaatta rocks overlying the I want a bbw and ssbbw s are a plus strata; literally oases in the desert.

They are known as Mound Springs because deposits of dissolved minerals have built up sizeable mounds around many of them. There are hundreds of mound springs. They start east of Marree, then swing in a great arc west then north for km as far as Dalhousie, varying in size from little more than a flowing puddle to impressive mounds 20m or more in height.

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Some are hot, some are saline, all are mineralised, but most are potable, and all will at least support life. While some are associated Dating Oodnadatta eyes 44 patches of intensely green plant growth in the immediate vicinity, and support ecologically complex communities of birds, insects and crustacea, most are surrounded by a larger outflow region white with salt, lime and gypsum and devoid of vegetation.

The mounds have been built up out of these deposits over time.