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Just last month Donald Trump passed the halfway point of his first — and god-willing Inexperienced Male Here — presidential term, which, in conjunction with his 24 months of mind-blowingly boorish behavior, has prompted political pundits across the spectrum to begin speculating about the presidential election.

Given that the incumbent president is always expected to run for reelection, the Republican Party will likely put its support into getting Trump back in office till On the Democratic side of things, Inexperienced Male Here, the search for a front-running candidate Inexperienced Male Here still ongoing. A recent set of polls have found former Vice President Joe Biden to be the leading contender for the position of Democratic nominee, followed by Bernie Sanders and then Hillary Clinton.

In his campaign to unseat Texas senator Ted Cruz, the El Paso representative famously visited all counties in Texas, refused to accept financial donations from political groups and employed a strategy Inexperienced Male Here placed an unprecedented amount of focus on social media outreach.

His decidedly modern campaign, along with his youthful Free sex dating at uptown 4 and breath-of-fresh-air financial autonomy, quickly catapulted his name into the conversation surrounding the Democratic nominee for the presidency. Before his run for the Senate, the lanky Kennedy lookalike served on the El Paso city council from Inexperienced Male Hereand then as a representative in Congress from — Inexperienced Male Here El Paso does have the geopolitical advantage of being an important border city between the U.

If the past two presidents are any Inexperienced Male Here, experience is no longer such a stringent prerequisite to running the free world. Trump, infamously, never worked a day in his life as a politician.

In the era of modern media, the last two presidents have established a precedent that, for better or for worse, appears to be the new norm. Now, charisma, articulation and social clout hold more weight than time served. Obama got his nomination largely because of Inexperienced Male Here stirring Inexperienced Male Here speech he delivered inand Trump, while his diction might be uneducated, Inrxperienced in a way that exudes a populist appeal.

The midterms saw the election of a number Inexperiencec new faces to Congress, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, among others. Voters are increasingly disillusioned with Washington, D.

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She, like her constituents, is not an old-money part of the Inexperienced Male Here establishment, and she has used that fact to draw their trust. Although Trump is a massive exception to the precedent, generally when greenhorn politicians take office they rely more heavily on the advice of their cabinet.

Such was the case with Obama, and such has been the case throughout American political history. As a result, a young leader who turns to senior officials for guidance often ends up with Inexperienced Male Here better-informed, more balanced agenda, Innexperienced almost always serves the American people best.

Old dogs Inexperiennced have been in Inexperienced Male Here business for years tend to get set in their ways, a dangerous practice in any field. Especially in modern politics, where technological advancements happen rapidly and greatly affect social and economic stability, it is more critical than ever to elect an official who has the self-awareness Inexperienced Male Here admit when they are under-informed on an issue.

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Younger candidates, both because they are more digitally literate and because they are more encouraged to seek counsel, make better leaders in Inexperienced Male Here 21st century. Skip to content Toggle navigation.

Thoughts x December 6, Post Views: You might also like: Must Read. Related Posts. Trending Articles.

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