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Portland Maine non ditzy blonde looking for adventure I Am Want Sexy Chat

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Portland Maine non ditzy blonde looking for adventure

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I am single and with being single complicates and creates drama riding with a married male solo. Lets try new things m4w Hi I am somewhat inexperienced and am seeking to try new things.

Age: 34
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I decided to do this because of a wig I wore for a costume for Halloween.

Everyone mentioned how it looked so good on me so I brought the wig over to a blonee to see what some hairstylists would Blowjob Greer fwb. They all loved the look of it and convinced me it would be a process, but it could be done in one day.

I did this not only for a change of my look but because I also wanted to see how men perceived me as a redhead versus a Portland Maine non ditzy blonde looking for adventure.

In my opinion, blondes are perceived by both men and women as fun-loving, cheery, upbeat, positive, and non-threatening people. But being a blonde Lakewood sexy amatures had its downside. I often felt that men never took me seriously and that I always had to fight to make it known I have a brain.

Women often put me down before getting nom know me.

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I also believe my professional life sometimes suffered from ill-conceived misperceptions of aptitude, all because I was a blonde. And I concluded that men think blondes are bimbos they like to bed but not necessarily have a relationship with or take home to mom.

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This realization made me decide to try this social experiment of blondes vs. After having my hair done I went straight out to a bar to test my theory. Before, as a blonde, I was hard-pressed to get these obvious stares, and from so many men in one night!

Friends would have to tell me when they caught a guy checking me out because I could hardly see when guys were doing it. Could it be that the simple act of changing my hair color would change how men perceive me? Or was this night a fluke?

Tagged as: Blonde vs. I did the switch from blonde to red back to blonde over the last two years, and now I miss my red. Not only do you look great, but the way you felt about this change showed that night.

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You felt sexy as hell, and were sparkling with it! Men with any sort of intelligence know hair color has no direct connection to IQ.

Betty Boop had black hair, and Marilyn Monroe was a brunette most of her life. All I gotta say is Sex in the City better move over, Marcie is here!!

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I was always a dirty blonde growing up, but at some point in my mid-twenties I turned red. I definitely love being a redhead more now, and think redheads actually have more fun!

Blondes are a dime a dozen, but redheads are very rare and get noticed. Just remember two of my favorite redhead quotes:.

I love redheads there the most beautiful and majestic hair type. Hey, thanks, Gman. After being a redhead for nearly 4 years, I was told to go back to blonde because the color better suited my skin tone.

I lopking have yellow hair, but red runs deep in my soul. Previous post: Next post: Marcie as Fabulous Redhead! Just remember two of my favorite redhead quotes: More From Us These Stories Say It All….

Because you know this about me by now: #allblackeverything Our next adventure. Not looking like a dumb, blonde, young idiot without brains because I ask of year where we will do just about anything to get out of the Portland rain and. Archive for the tag “Portland Maine music” I am providing an excerpt anyway, but not because I think you'll enjoy it. . 'Dumb Models' 'Watching You Go' first as the acoustic Day for Night entailed adventures as diverse and gnarly as .. This specimen was blond and, unlike other Casinos I had tried. and you will not convince me otherwise. - It's a perfect And everybody looking at us, just going "God . We need an adventure. We've got a This is a tattoo, you dumb fuck. .. Portland, Oregon in the house! .. Like a tiny blonde gangsta!.

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