Ready to take the second step?

So you’ve take the PR Wellness Challenge!  What’s next?  To encourage you to make positive lifestyle choices, The PR Wellness Project supports your decision to do what is best for you to improve your state of wellness.

#2 Take Action
We do recommend that you visit Fetch (For Everything That is Community Health).  A project of the Powell River Division of Family Practice, this website provides a list of community resources available to you to support you on your health journey.

Powell River Directory also has a list of Health & Wellness Services.

Here is a PR Wellness – List of organizations to support health journey.

#3 Decide what works best for you
Here are some other options, in no particular order, but with some natural bias to reflect sponsor representation.  It is up to you to decide what is going to work best for you.

  1. Commit to going for a 5-minute walk every day.  (You’ll be surprised how great it feels and how 5-minutes can turn into something longer).
  2. Get informed.  Local healthcare provides at VCH (Vancouver Coastal Health) are working night and day to promote wellness.
  3. Sign-up for the FREE MEND Program (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do IT!), a province-wide program offered by the City of Powell River.
  4. Drop by the BOND Program at Powell River Community Health.
  5. Take the T-Fit Total Challenge.
  6. Take the Coast Fitness Commit2Fit Challenge.
  7. Find some great recipes.  Learn about the new Jamie Oliver/Sobeys mission.
  8. Plant a garden.  It’s a local, sustainable practice.  It’s outdoors.  It’s movement.  Our friends at Mother Nature can help.
  9. Join (or support) a community event.  Volunteer!  The intention to socialize (i.e. social wellness) falls under the healthy spectrum that is often overlooked.  Thanks to organizations like First Credit Union, City Transfer, and Tempco, who support and promote community projects and events, the opportunity to thrive at the heart of our community is there for everyone.

When in doubt, seek the advice of a professional.